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Perhaps there’s no more popular card game in the world than blackjack. Even great and famous online poker is inferior to this simple but incredibly addicting game. Gamblers of all over the world visit online casinos to beat the dealer in 21-game. This is the most generous card fun about the player, which can at the same time seriously captivate the gambler. And not only gamblers.

There was a case when the professor of mathematics Al Francesco carried out a “scientific project” with his students. They beat the casino at blackjack for several million dollars. The story of this case can see in the “21” movie with Kevin Spacey. We will tell you how you can play Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite game at Betboys casino.

Such a mysterious blackjack

No one can say exactly how this game came about. There are even theories, and one of them says that this game appeared in ancient Rome. But to play for real money according to the rules that we now know began to play somewhere between the XVII and XVIII centuries.

Someone says that for the first time they began to play like this in Spain, and someone insists on France. But the real popularity and well-known name were given by the USA. And before it became the most popular card game, blackjack was received coolly by players. Some gambling houses have even tried to encourage players to play blackjack with rewards.

A little time passed, the game changed a little in the rules and began to gain more and more popularity. Now it is loved by professional players and newbies. And each online casino collects several types of money. Of course, Betboys Casino is no exception.

Blackjack for real money and for free

Now that you can play from your home PC or smartphone. The virtual game providers have launched dozens of variations of the game. Many of them make spectacular simulators with high-quality graphics, sound effects from the distribution of cards and chips. There are even options for real money gambling with a live dealer in a live casino.

The world leaders of the gambling industry are engaged in the development of high-quality games:

  • Microgaming
  • Platypus
  • Amatic
  • Tom horn

Also, brands such as VIVO Gaming and Red Rake will provide an opportunity to play for money with a real dealer.

How to play it in Bet Boys Casino

Betboys casino visitors can enjoy this game in two versions: demo version and real bets. Even unregistered visitors can play 21 points for free. You just need to select the position of interest and turn on the Demo mode. The demo version will be a great step to get to know this online casino game. People love this game also for the fact that the player’s success depends on half luck, half skill. So the more practice you have, the more likely you are to beat the dealer.

To play with real bets, you need to be an authorized client and fund your gaming account. By the way, many players earned this entertainment, thanks to their experience. And for this, you don’t have to be card counter. Online casino gives even more opportunities for profitable blackjack. Thanks to the Betboys casino bonus system, the player’s advantage over the casino in this game increases even more.

What types of blackjack are there?

Everyone knows the basic rules of how to play blackjack. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck. The bottom line is that the winner must score 21 points or so before the opponent does. This is the main condition of classic blackjack. The following rules also apply in the game:

  • Points for cards are calculated in denominations.
  • Ace counts as 11 points.
  • Picture cards – Jack, Queen, and King, are valued at 10 points.
  • At the beginning of the deal, the player receives two cards from the dealer, and he keeps one for himself.

Then everything depends on the player’s decision. He may ask for another card or not get any more. The main thing is not to score more than 21 points, otherwise, it will be considered a loss. But these are not all secrets. Depending on the layouts, a gambler can apply one of the following rules:

  • With this action, the player asks for another card.
  • When a pair of the same value falls into your hands, you can split it and make another bet.
  • When the ace is up, the dealer gets insurance.
  • The player can double the bet but receive only one additional card.
  • The game gives the player the right to surrender, losing only half of the bet.
  • The player stops taking cards if he begins to realize that he is close to brute force.

These rules apply depending on the situation. The subtleties of the rules of the popular casino game can differ in the varieties of this fun. Classic blackjack is also called 21 Points or Pontoon. The online casino offers several popular types of this exciting game.

Online European Blackjack

In this version, players are invited to play according to the classic rules. Two decks of 52 cards, each card brings points either at face value if it is a numbered card, or 10 points if it is a picture card. Ace, as expected, is equal to 1 or 11 points. The game’s combinations are: Ace with Jack, Queen or King beats any combination by 21 points. The player can receive up to 9 cards in one game session.

According to the rules, if the dealer scored 17 points or more, he is still obliged to draw cards. If the dealer gets an ace at the start of the game, players can insure bets. This reduces the risk of losing bets if the dealer got Black Jack.

American Type

The most popular are Vegas and Atlantic City types. Vegas Blackjack has a rule is that when the dealer’s first card is worth 10 points, he immediately draws a new card. If he collected blackjack, the players lose immediately. Unless someone also collected this combination.

Atlantic one has a similar situation. Again, when the dealer has 21, the players lose. The difference is the Atlantic version uses 8 decks. There is also a slightly different rule for splitting or splitting cards. Players can raise their bet after a split, and even split cards again.

Spanish Type

Many online casinos also feature Spanish twenty-one points. And this game differs quite significantly. The game uses 8 decks of cards. But these are Spanish decks, and instead of 52 cards, there are 48 of them, which increases the advantage of the casino over the player. Another interesting feature: the player can split cards 3 times.

Russian “Point”

Sometimes this version is also called Russian blackjack. Gamblers from Eastern Europe prefer to play such blackjack for money. This game assumes a deck of 36 cards, not 52. So, Jack, Queen, and King will count as 2, 3, and 4 points, respectively. The rest of the meaning of the cards remains the same. Ace still counts as 1 or 11. The conditions for winning and losing are also the same as in any game type.

Blackjack without busting

This version has not all online casinos in their collections, but it deserves attention. This type can only be played at a special table. For this, players use one or more decks of 52 cards and two jokers. And these two jokers are considered to be the strongest combination. The loser here is not the one who scored 21 points, but the one who scored more than the dealer during the game.

Blackjack game strategies

This game may seem like a pretty easy game, but it’s not that simple. Players often lose because of overly aggressive bets or carelessness. Therefore, over time, various techniques have been developed on how to play blackjack. Strategies are combination-based and are often presented in a table. The Internet has dozens of strategy guides that can promise:

  • Basic strategy.
  • Doubling strategy or Martingale.
  • HiLo system.
  • Strategy 1-3-2-6.
  • The pursuit.
  • Cautious pursuit.

Some players use a card counting strategy when playing for real money. True, such players are not particularly favored and are blacklisted if the casino’s administration notice that the visitor turned out to be a counter. For this technique, the player applies the basics of calculus. He calculates which cards are already out and which are left in the deck.

It should be understood that some techniques are ineffective in online casinos. Because a random number generator is dealing here instead of the croupier, the deck is constantly shuffled. That means that the cards from the deck are returned, and not removed after the deal, so it won’t be possible to count.

To avoid disappointment, just experiment with strategies, and play for fun. Betboys Casino has options to play twenty-one with a live dealer in real-time or in demo mode, with no real bets.

Play on Mobile

Thanks to mobile gambling, any fan of the most popular card game can play blackjack for real money either during their lunch break or returning home by bus.

All games at Betboys Casino are HTML5 based, making them ideal to play on any operating system. Players can try their luck from Android and iOS devices. The games are optimized, don’t slow down, and are perfect for mobile gambling in free mode or even in the format of a live game with a dealer.

Benefits of playing at Betboys

The online casino could not but include this king of card games in its collection. Therefore, it has created opportunities for players to be comfortable playing blackjack:

  • Games with nice graphics and atmospheric effects.
  • High returns.
  • Live is a format for playing with a live dealer.
  • Bonus system with favorable conditions for the player.
  • Demo versions available.
  • Support team, always ready to help.

Visitors don’t have to play for real money if they just came to get acquainted with the new casino game. You can place bets with virtual chips, learning the secrets of this game.

Frequently asked questions about blackjack

Although it is very simple in rules and has a higher return than any other card game, some difficulties can arise with it. We are sure that you will quickly master this wonderful game and success will not be long in coming. And to make the conquest of the game of twenty-one points easier, we will clarify the basic questions about playing in an online casino.

What is Blackjack?

It’s practically the main card game in the world of gambling. It’s also known as 21 points because the main condition for winning this game is to collect twenty-one points or so, or not to over-score. People have come up with different rules to play and in gambling, you can find several main types of this exciting game, including Spanish and European blackjack, Pontoon.

How to play correctly?

The rules of this game are so simple that even a person who has never held cards in their hands before can play blackjack. The main thing is to remember that more than 21 points are a bust and a loss, and it will be better if your opponent picks up extra cards. Also, in blackjack, points are counted at the face value of a card if it is a card from Two to Ten. Cards with pictures are counted for 10 points, and Ace — for 11 or 1, depending on the situation.

When you have an Ace and any card from Jack to King it is called Black Jack. This combination is considered the most advantageous. Also, the ga,e has its own rules and actions that may be available to the player, depending on a particular situation. In an online casino, you can play with the program or with a live person in a live game format.

Can I win at blackjack by playing at online casinos?

Good news for winnings hunters. Blackjack is the most gambler-friendly game. It has the highest return and doesn’t require the player to have such skills as in poker. The ability to win at blackjack comes with practice. Moreover, experience and skills play only half the role. The rest is up to luck and balance.

Different strategies can be used to play more effectively. Don’t forget that card counting isn’t a good idea to boost your winning chances. After all, this method will be useless in the online format. But practice and a good bonus system will increase the chances of winning tenfold.

The Advantage of Playing Blackjack with Betboys

If you want to play blackjack for real money, then choose only a trusted casino. Where the choice is not poor, and the conditions are comfortable and reliability is guaranteed. That is, at Betboys casino. The new gambling operator has assembled a licensed collection of quality games from the most famous providers. Here you can play twenty-one points for free, for real money, or with a real dealer. An additional advantage is given to the players by the bonus system, with which you can bet more and play without restrictions.

Can you play blackjack online for free?

It is not only possible but also recommended for regular practice. The online platform allows you to run all games, except for the live format, in free mode. The game is played there with virtual chips, without risking the visitor’s money. It’s also not necessary to register for the demo game.

Twenty-one and a Point: is there a difference?

There’s no difference between winning and losing. The difference is that Point is a Russian version with a deck of 36. Jack counts as 2 points, Queen as 3, and King as four when the classic Blackjack – 21 points use a standard 52-card deck.

This game is a real casino symbol. It can present exciting gambling leisure, high opportunities to win while developing logic and intuition.

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