Online Casino Card Games
Online Casino Card Games
Online Casino Card Games
Online Casino Card Games
Online Casino Card Games
Online Casino Card Games

People love card games. Plots about this entertainment can be seen in films, PC games, or in paintings. Many literary masterpieces have been written about card games and gamblers. Moreover, talented figures like Lev Tolstoy and Alexander Pushkin loved to play a game card or two at the card table. People even like to predict on the cards. But most of all, humanity prefers to play cards for money. And for this, they invented hundreds of ways. The modern gambling industry offers gamblers a lot of opportunities to test their luck and logic. And where else can you plunge into the boundless ocean of emotion, if not in an online casino? Betboys online casino invites fans of card games to the gambling site.

Why do we play cards for real money?

Excitement is a strong emotion. And besides, it is insatiable. For the most part, people play cards for this. Card games originally appeared for entertainment purposes, like any other type of gambling leisure. Then the players decided to play for something: for items, money, wish — to add a spark to the process. This tradition has taken root so well that gambling cards have become a part of human culture. People play cards for little money and whole fortunes, hold international tournaments with a multi-million dollar prize pool and, of course, go to tickle their nerves at the green table in the casino. Today it’s not even necessary to look for a ground-based gambling house for such leisure. It’s enough to open your browser and go to Betboys casino. There is everything here to interest even the most sophisticated gambler.

What game can you play at Betboys?

The gambling platform has got a rich collection of gambling card games. This means that fans of classic casino games will find something to please themselves as well as those who just want to enjoy the new products of the gambling industry. In addition to the impressive collection, Betboys casino will also delight you with excellent quality. All games have been developed and tested by leading providers. These are the manufacturers who are known all over the world. They win awards at international exhibitions every year and are actively developing the gambling industry. You’ve probably at least heard about them:

  • VIVO Gaming. Live games provider, developing since 2010. The company got a license from Gaming Laboratories International, which highlights the games’ fairness and the software’s reliability. Card games from VIVO Gaming are also represented in the collections by world-famous gambling platforms: Bao Casino, 1xbet, etc.
  • Red Rake. The brand cooperates with more than 200 online casinos worldwide, supplying them with branded games with reliable software. The Red Rake collection includes about 20 types of video poker and 14 different table games.
  • The company rarely produces games, but they are always quality and unique. Regarding the card game, you can find two modifications of poker and blackjack on the gambling site. Games are created with HTML5 technology and high quality.
  • The brand was recently ranked among the top 4 providers in the Asian market. Hundreds of gambling sites use games from Habanero. The provider creates vivid slots with Full HD animation and visually pleasing table or card games.
  • A multidisciplinary manufacturer of online and offline gambling. One of the main features of Playson is originality. The brand regularly releases slots, roulette, and card games with HD graphics and reliable software.
  • Perhaps this is the record holder for the number of gaming solutions in its portfolio. Many gamblers know Microgaming as a slot provider. The collection of this brand has 850+ different games. And of course, there are favorite card games for money. It’s the first provider that created online casino games at all. And it did this in 1994.
  • The Australian brand has been around since 1993. The main specialization is slots, including the topic of card games. There are many video poker choices in the Amatic portfolio and a prime example is Deuces Wild.
  • Tom Horn. Tom Horn Gaming got two licenses: from Malta and the UK. The company develops cross-platform games for land-based gambling clubs and online casinos.

The gambling solutions from these providers are known for their quality, nice graphics, and fair game outcome. That is, there are no cheats or settings against the player. Betboys casino has collected the most popular card games for its visitors, with wide possibilities for betting and setting the parameters of the gameplay.


It’s hard to find a more famous and popular card game than poker. Moreover, poker is now considered a full-fledged sport in some countries. Just in the USA, people bought 70 million decks a year just for the sake of this game. The gambling world knows 130 types of this exciting entertainment. Here, the online casino offers the most common options among gamblers:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Caribbean Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud

Not to mention dozens of types of video poker. This is a kind of slot machine according to the rules of poker gambling. Most of all it’s kinda similar to Draw poker. The principle of video poker is that the player places a bet, the machine gives him several cards. In turn, the user leaves and replaces some cards at his discretion. And if there’s a winning combination, the player wins. This is the kind of poker slot that turns out.


This is the main and the best online card game in all gambling houses around the world. It’s very popular due to its simple rules and the clear principle of the game. The player’s success depends on two factors: the ability to calculate cards and luck. The main thing here is to collect 21 points, beating the dealer. Or get him to draw more cards than needed. That is, the player scored, say, 17, and the dealer — 23 points. In this case, the player wins. Only roulette can be more popular than blackjack. Besides, the visitors to gambling houses love this game for its high chances of winning. This is because the advantage of a gambling house over a player here is only 0.5%. Let’s compare: the mathematical advantage in American roulette, for example, is 5.26%, and in the European version — 2.36%. This is why blackjack is a favorite game card among online casino visitors.


One more simple and famous card game. Most of all baccarat or Punto Banco is popular in Asia. Asian gamblers love it so much so that about 80% of gambling tables in casinos are dedicated to baccarat. This game allows bets on the player, on the dealer, or even on a draw. The bet on the dealer/player is paid as 1 to 1, while the bet on a draw will be multiplied 9 times if this outcome wins. The bottom line is that someone has to score 9 points or close to it.

The Punto Banco game uses 6-8 decks and allows 14 participants to play at once. Although this kind of gambling is not so popular in Europe, gamblers sometimes enjoy playing a few rounds in the favorite game of agent 007. You can try the game card with a live player at Betboys casino.

Live games

Many gamblers want the most authentic casino experience possible when playing cards for real money. This is exactly what the live casinos or live games provide. Here the gameplay is accompanied by a live dealer in real-time. This adds the online game to the charm and atmosphere of a real casino. Players will place bets in chat and can text each other or the dealer. The camera from different angles shows the layouts of cards and everything that happens at the gaming table. Accordingly, the likelihood of cheating on the part of the dealer is excluded.

How to play card games s in Bet Boys casino online?

Convenience and comfort are the main advantages of an online casino over a land-based slot. If for an offline club you need to select a dress code, get to it, and make large bets, then here players have much more freedom:

  • You can play gambling card games at any time and from any place.
  • The bets can be minimal, even for 1 dollar.
  • Most of the positions are available for a free card game.
  • The player isn’t exposed to distractions, which are specially organized by land-based casinos.

Besides, Betboys casino has an exclusive system of bonuses and cashback, which makes gambling on this platform not only pleasant but also profitable.

You can play at the online casino for free and as well as for real bets. The user doesn’t need to register for a free game: a visitor can launch any of the offered games in demo mode. To make real bets, you need only to go through three simple steps:

  • Registration
  • Registration
  • Choosing a game.

After that, you can enjoy exciting games, place bets, and raise your winnings. Payments are made quickly: within a day at most.

How to win at card games?

All gambling card games require the ability to analyze and calculate. And this is the main difference between such entertainment and slot machines. Therefore, it’s not enough for the player to be lucky; he also needs to turn on his head.

By and large, any game card is an art. Players take years of study to master the skills of effective strategic planning and card counting. However, it should also be understood that there’s no perfect strategy. It’s just that skill comes with practice and with time.

An experienced player knows that he needs to turn off emotions when playing cards for money and concentrate as much as possible on the game. This is especially required in poker because there you need to watch not only the cards but also the behavior of other players at the table. We have no perfect secret to winning honestly in card games. Not to mention cheating ways. But we can share valuable advice from the gurus of gambling card games:

  • Learn the rules. It would seem obvious, but many players try to win without understanding even the basic game rules. Poker is especially demanding in this regard.
  • Try a few free sessions before launching a real money game. This will help you warm-up for the real game and get ready for a productive card game.
  • Use different methods and strategies. And don’t be afraid to combine them.
  • Playing on emotions is a direct path to loss. Many beginners write off their inability to play as bad luck.
  • Learn to count cards. We are not talking about becoming the counter that casinos are desperately fighting against. But the ability to estimate the number of cards in the deck will give more chances for a correct prediction of the future game.
  • Don’t try to recoup right after you lose. You are more likely to get what you lost back if you try again after a while, with a cool head.

And most importantly, you will learn a game card, practice playing and betting your whole life. Think of it rather as an exciting hobby, but not a way to make money.

Frequently asked questions about online card games

Of course, gambling card games are more complicated than, say, slots. Therefore, we decided to answer the most common questions that most often bother players.

What is gambling card games?

This is one of the oldest entertainments. There’s a theory that they first appeared in ancient China, even before our era. Now it’s a full-fledged art, where players get prizes thanks for their skill, luck, and logic.

How to play cards at Betboys casino?

You just need to create a personal profile on the gambling platform, replenish your gaming account using any convenient method, and place bets in the game you like.

Can I play card games for free?

Yes, you don’t even need to register for this. Just select the game card you want and click Demo.

What games does the online casino offer?

Betboys has players’ favorite baccarat, blackjack, or 21 points poker and video poker. The platform also provides an opportunity to play card games online for money with a live dealer.

Who develops the popular card games online?

Reputable providers create atmospheric gambling card games with good design and dynamics. These are brands such as Platipus and Playson, Vivo Gaming and Microgaming, Amatic, and Rad Rake.

Is it possible to win in card games?

Nobody would be playing cards if they couldn’t win there. In essence, winning is a skill multiplied by luck. The main thing is to practice and just play for fun. And Fortune will smile at you.

Why is Betboys the best place for gambling?

Therefore, they play here honestly, with maximum comfort for the player. Not to mention, the site offers 100+ card entertainment options. Each visitor decides how much to bet, when to end the game, when to play and in general to bet with money or play for free.

Playing cards for money is fun and exciting. Sure this hobby has its danger: gambling addiction, the risk of losing much money. But not about the players who came to the casino just for fun. Besides, card games are a great way to develop logic, mathematical thinking, and analytical skills. The same cannot be said about other types of gambling entertainment. We hope that our collection of card games will delight our visitors. We wish you pleasant games and may you have the best hands.


All online casino games allow you to play for real money, as well as for virtual credits. Players can withdraw funds to a card or to an electronic wallet account.

You can run such games as blackjack, baccarat, several types of poker, and other games available at Bet Boys Casino. Also, try the format of live games with a real dealer.

Absolutely. Bet Boys online casino cares about the data security and privacy of its customers. All personal and payment data are encrypted and protected by a security system.

You need to turn off emotions and concentrate on the game as much as possible. It all depends on both your luck and your analytical skills. Have a good game!

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