In the minds of gamblers, Igrosoft gambling is considered an ageless classic. The first slot machines from Igrosoft won the recognition of fans of gambling entertainment in the early 2000s, when they appeared in numerous gambling clubs in the territory of the post-Soviet republics. 

Since then, 

  • Crazy Monkey
  • Fruit Cocktail
  • Lucky Haunter
  • Garage
  • KEKS
  • Pirate 

and other one hundred percent hits of Igrosoft have firmly entered the rating of the best slot machines. In total, the manufacturer’s collection includes 18 video slots and one multi-game with poker.

Igrosoft Slot Machines

Igrosoft cannot boast of a huge portfolio of slots, but this fact is reflected in the best way on the quality of slot machines. Each game is carefully designed and has original gameplay elements.

Most of the projects were originally designed for the Russian market, so the plots of Igrosoft slots are close and understandable to the Russian-speaking consumer. 

In the continuation of the popular series (Crazy Monkey 2, Resident 2, Iceland 2, Sweet Life 2 and others), the game creators were already guided by international technical standards, changing the graphics and certain elements of the gameplay. 

Nevertheless, the general stylistics of Igrosoft devices remained unchanged—all titles have a characteristic humor and ease of control, bright characters and bonus rounds are present everywhere, allowing to demonstrate the plot in dynamics.

With the development of online technology, Igrosoft has redesigned all of its online slot machines. Slots have become more interactive, while the mathematical algorithms of the original machines have remained intact. 

The Best Slot Machines from Igrosoft

Among the best Igrosoft slots, two slot machines have become real world mega-hits, over which time has no power. These are Crazy Monkey and Fruit Cocktail machines. 

Their popularity turned out to be so global that it led to the appearance of clones from other developers. 

However, the classic versions still hold the lead and are in demand among gamblers. Also, Russian-speaking players are very fond of slot machines, which are based on a cultural code close to the inhabitants of the post-Soviet republics in the form of folk tales and modern urban folklore. 

Igrosoft slot machines do not have progressive jackpots.

Crazy Monkey

The Crazy Monkey Machine conquered users with a vivid image of the main character—a reckless monkey. The crazy chimpanzee involuntarily makes the players smile and dispose to launch the drums, which contain images of representatives of the African fauna. 

Of greatest interest in the video slot is the bonus game, in which the gambler has to pull five ropes and collect bunches of bananas, avoiding being hit by the anvil on the macaque’s head.

Fruit Cocktail 

Fruit Cocktail is a five-reel machine with classic fruit symbols. The user’s task is to collect rows of the same type of pictures for a fruit cocktail. 

In the risk game with cards, you can multiply the earned winnings several times, and in the original bonus round, additional prizes are awarded for matching icons on three reels with images that are randomly selected from fruits located around the perimeter.

Lucky Haunter 

It’s a funny story about the everyday life of a regular beer bar. In drawing up winning combinations, images of beer cans and mugs, bottles with whiskey and damask with tincture, as well as several types of snacks are involved. 

The bonus game consists of two consecutive rounds. In the first one, you need to turn over the caps from beer bottles indicating an additional multiplier, in the second—from two options, choose a dish with a gorgeous dinner for a drunkard.


It’s a game based on folklore about the adventures of Stirlitz. The main character wins over with his equanimity and optimistic attitude to any situation. 

The player will have to collect chains of symbols from orders and medals, weapons and uniforms, secret reports and other espionage paraphernalia. 

The risk game has a traditional card look, but getting a bonus promises an interesting plot development. If the user manages to open 4 safes and not run into lighted dynamite, then in a super game he will be able to save a sexy radio operator from fascist dungeons.

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