Online Casino Roulette
Online Casino Roulette
Online Casino Roulette
Online Casino Roulette
Online Casino Roulette
Online Casino Roulette

“No more bets, please!” — every casino visitor has heard this phrase. And you probably guess what kind of gambling we are talking about. Roulette game is an old gambling fun with an interesting history full of secrets and mysteries. People of all social classes and income levels loved this game. Even after more than 500 years, roulette has not lost its popularity. It got the status of the Queen of the Casino, the Maker of Destinies, and the Wheel of Fortune. Some people say that roulette is the devil’s invention, another version claims that the creator of this game is the mathematician Blaise Pascal.

People used to visit land-based gambling clubs before they got access to free online roulette. History knows cases when roulette was banned, along with other gambling fun. In other times, roulette saved the financial situation of entire states, replenishing the empty treasury. Now, with the rise of online gambling, the online roulette wheel has become one of the favorite pastimes of fortune hunters.

Over time, all casino entertainment moved to the online format. It was a great opportunity for the developers of virtual gambling to improve themselves. Now Bet Boys Casino provides a huge collection of virtual gambling simulators. Players can find colorful and realistic positions with virtual roulette online, as well as options with live casinos.

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Three main kinds of online roulette

Today’s choice of virtual gambling clubs offers a huge variety of casino games. Many casinos provide dozens of types of online roulette. But all modern types of roulette are based on these three ones.

European Roulette

As you already understood, this version originated in Europe and the authors are the Blanchet brothers. Most of the visitors to online clubs choose this type of online roulette for the following reasons:

  • High return on payments to players — 97.3%.
  • One zero.

Also in the European version of the video roulette has a unique arrangement of numbers in three sectors.

French roulette

The French version of online roulette is considered the basis of all types of this online entertainment. The principles and foundations of the game are similar to the European counterpart. The official version of French roulette appeared in the 19th century. What do we know about this version of the roulette game:

  • Terminology and field markings in French only.
  • 37 sectors including one zero.
  • The En Prison rule to keep the bet in the event of a zero.
  • The La Partage rule retains half of the player’s bet.
  • The mathematical advantage of the casino is 2.7%.

As well as the magnificent French charm, the peculiar arrangement of the sectors, and the aristocratic spirit.

American Roulette

This type of roulette came to the gambling world from the New World. American Roulette is a reworked version of European Roulette. This type of roulette differs radically from the previous two analogs. First of all, the difference lies in two zeros on the wheel. The player can bet on both zeros: single and double ones. However, this reduces the profitability of roulette games, as the house edge here reaches 5.4%.

At the same time, the American online game roulette has one loophole for the player. According to the rules, the player has the right to keep the bet. So, if the player bet, say, on a number, but the ball lands on 0, the bet doesn’t burn out. It’s saved until the next round and if the player’s number wins this time, he\she gets half of the bet.

Other types of roulette

In addition to the usual classics, the gambling world has come up with new varieties of the Casino Queen. Online casinos even have several exotic types of this game, such as:

  • Roulette Boule.
  • Without zero.
  • With the pictures instead of numbers.
  • With two balls instead of one.

Some of these online roulette positions are present in the BetBoys casino games collection. Choose a game that is not money or play free roulette for fun.


Mobile roulette to try your luck everywhere

The modern gambling industry offers handy opportunities for those who would like to get away from the routine and try to play with the theory of probability. Just 10 years ago people used to go to land-based gambling clubs and come up with dress-codes, getting money, etc. Now there’s no need to bother with this because mobile devices can offer free roulette available at any time and any place.

Bet Boys casino runs perfectly both on PC and smartphone. The player just has to open the gangster gambling site at the most convenient and pleasant browser for him. Moreover, BetBoys are working on the new app for Android and iOS and soon the mobile roulette will become more handy and fast than even now. No matter what you choose to spin the reel of fortune: PC or smartphone, app or browser, any roulette game in the online casino will be perfectly launched and the pleasure from your game sessions is guaranteed.

Betboys Casino: the place for profitable roulette game playing

No doubt that a roulette game as well as any slot machine must bring only positive emotions. Also, it would be wonderful if the game will be also generous enough and the winnings are available for quick withdrawals. All of this can provide Bet Boys gaming platform for its visitors. What do the gambler get except wonderful games at any genre and theme:

  • Pleasant and motive bonus policy.
  • Fast and easy withdrawals.
  • Live Roulette from the best studios.
  • Easy and convenient registration process.
  • Reliable and quality software.

And of course, a roulette free play option for every visitor that chooses the BetBoys club.

What Every Player Should Know About Playing Roulette

No one disputes that roulette is the most popular game, with generous payouts and maximum opportunities for a successful game. Some players are faced with the nuances and subtleties that roulette wheels hide, and they can even somewhat confuse the gambler. Let’s take a look at a few basic questions that a beginner gamer can worry about.

How are roulette bets placed?

Bets are always placed in chips. Including the virtual casino format. The player places chips on the desired sectors: a certain number, a category of numbers, several numbers, or even zero at all. And then the gambler waits for the ball on the wheel to stop and determine its fate.

How to win at roulette?

Everyone interested in online roulette for money is excited about the opportunity to raise more profits from it. But let’s be honest: there’s no perfect recipe. Nevertheless, even roulette kings like Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo and Joseph Jagger were losing. But using different betting strategies can make the game a little more effective. We recommend that you learn more about such strategies as Martingale, Parlay, D’Alembert. This will help you make smarter bets and slightly increase the odds.

Which roulette is better to play?

It’s difficult to say which roulette for money is the best for playing. But the French version is considered the most profitable, thanks to the La Partage rule and one zero.

Roulette is a game of kings and aristocrats. And no one can say for sure who created it — Blaise Pascal, when he was looking for a perpetual motion machine or maybe the devil himself gave it to people, since the sum of the numbers in roulette is 666. But one thing is clear: this game is popular today. And if you want to play with luck by throwing a ball on the wheel — welcome to Betboys casino.


BetBoys online casino allows you to play online roulette even without registration. This is possible thanks to demo versions of games in which real money was replaced with virtual money.

Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the screen to play online roulette for real money. Choose a convenient registration method and fill in all the fields.

Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the screen to play online roulette for real money. Choose a convenient registration method and fill in all the fields.

To withdraw the won money, go to your account and click Withdraw. Choose a withdrawal method convenient for you and fill in all the fields.

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