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The favorite gamblers’ fun is not cards or even roulette, but slot machines. Although all types of gambling entertainment can charge the player with adrenaline, the slots are the most popular games and take 60-90% of the content of all online casinos.

The popularity of “one-armed bandits” is quite understandable. They are simple, don’t require special analytical skills, and can bring vibrant emotions. After all, playing slots is fun: bright pictures on different topics are collected in combinations that promise big wins. Everything is so simple and at the same time, interesting.

Experience hunters and jackpots will appreciate the slots at Bet Boys Casino. This is a gambling operator who knows everything about high-quality gambling, especially in slots.

Slots Games: What is It and How to Play?

By and large, any game with spinning reels, winning lines, and prize pictures is a slot machine. The bottom line is that the player makes a bet, starts the spins, and gets a win or loses, depending on which pictures fall out on the lines. The first slot machines for real money began to be played 120 years ago. They were invented by enterprising Americans, in particular the auto mechanic Charles Fay. The three-reeled progenitor of all slots was called Liberty Bell, and it quickly attracted attention. At that time it was a rather primitive slot machine, with a maximum win of $ 5 and simple rules.

But together with it, the success of Charles Fey’s slots was so rapid that a few years later he launched a whole production of slot machines. Now almost all slot machines work according to the Liberty Bell’s principle, only with different modifications.

What Types of Slot Machines are There?

In the time of slot’s advent, there was no special variety of such entertainment: a standard slot machine with mechanical controls and fruit symbols. Eventually, the gambling industry began to develop. And together with it, slot machines also changed and updated. The gamblers got the new form of gambling leisure — online casinos. Thus the choice of slot games has increased enormously. Now slot machines are divided into several categories:

  • Mechanical slot machines, with levers and wheels.
  • Video slots or emulators, with animation effects.
  • Video Poker: a slot machine with the principles and rules of Draw poker.
  • Multi-terminal games: for instance the online roulette.

Betboys Casino has all kinds of slot games, except mechanical ones, of course. Moreover, we often supplement our collection with new products from worldwide developers and make sure that all slots work properly.

How to Play Slots in an Online Casino?

Online casinos offer a lot of opportunities for gambling with virtual “one-armed bandits”. Visitors play slot machines for real money or for free, in demo mode. This is how does the gameplay work, regardless of the slot modification:

  • The player sets a bet, using the Bet or Max Bet buttons, for example.
  • Selects the desired number of paylines from the suggested ones.
  • Starts the rotation manually or in auto mode.
  • Collects winnings if a prize combination falls out or loses money if it didn’t happen.

The principle of the game is the same in the demo version, as well as in the game for real money. Betboys casino allows you to run several free series, for review, and then try your luck, if you have such a desire.

Online Slot Machines’ Advantages

What makes gamblers so fond of playing slots is the fact that they can have a good time with them. The slot machine doesn’t require analytical skills, there’s no need to count cards or think through strategies. All you need to play is to press the buttons and spin the reels. And these are not all the advantages of slot machines.

No bias whatsoever

The outcome of a game session always depends on only one factor. This is a random number generator aka RNG. That means that any rigging, reconfiguring machines in someone’s favor, and other machinations are completely excluded.

The random number generator is programmed by slot developers at the stage of creating the game. Also, the developers set up the so-called “Integrity Control” or Provably Fair in the slots. According to it, the slot determines the combinations of images on the reel immediately after the player starts the spin. Some online casinos even provide a check of the hash code of the game session, so that the player is convinced of the integrity of the game. This all applies to games from honest casinos, with licensed software and transparent rules. Besides, casinos are required to provide all information about slot games and their parameters.

Easy and Simple Game 

Not all players like, say, cards or online roulette. Many people just want to try their luck and tickle their nerves with random spins in slot machines. And then it comes down to luck. And the slots games are just perfect for such a relax. After all, with a huge variety of types and genres of such games, gambling leisure with slots becomes even more interesting. So the player can spin the reels in an ancient Egyptian-themed game, or go into virtual space, or even spend leisure time in garages and come out with money. This type of gambling entertainment doesn’t require any skills at all and even a beginner can get the prize if he is lucky enough. Moreover, for those who aren’t ready to play slot machines for real money, the casino provides a demo mode. You don’t even need to place real bets there — you just run spins on virtual coins and play for fun.

Play with Comfort

One more advantage of “one-armed bandits” is that they are very handy and friendly. It can be said that the player decides for himself how much to bet, how many spins to start when to stop the game, and how much to collect winnings. The amount of bets here is arbitrary, which means that the player doesn’t have to start a real game with large amounts, as in poker. Betboys Casino offers also a pleasant bonus system, with adequate wagering requirements. This adds a pleasant experience and comfort to the game.

Top slot Machine Developers

Now that slots are becoming more popular and have gone digital, online gambling developers are not standing still. Each provider tries to keep up with the trends, creating unique solutions. Some focus on 3D graphics, others — on the originality of the plot, and others — on the number of game lines. And some manufacturers are becoming world leaders in the gambling industry. The Betboys casino’s collection contains licensed games from such world brands as:

  • Microgaming
  • Endorphina
  • Booongo
  • Amatic
  • Habanero
  • Playson
  • Quickspin
  • Spinomenal
  • Tom Horn
  • Thunderkick
  • Novomatic

We also have players’ favorite slots from Igrosoft, Game Art, and XPG. Each provider makes games with its trick. A convenient search system makes finding the best and suitable slots game easier.

Which popular slots are most often played?

Although each gambler has individual tastes, the gambling club takes into account today’s trends. No wonder every online casino has a section with popular games. Visitors appreciate three things in slots: high returns, a nice interface, and beautiful graphics. Many people still love slots of the classic format. These are all familiar games like Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm, or Fruit Cocktail. Such emulators were popular even in the format of land-based casinos, and they cause pleasant feelings of nostalgia for modern online users. Also, they have such simple and clear rules: the standard number of winning lines, the risk game, free spins, bonus rounds. As for the theme, the favorite slots of Bet Boys casino visitors are most often games on the theme:

  • Fruit.
  • Ancient civilizations.
  • Precious stones (Gems).
  • Myths and legends.
  • Animals.
  • Sea adventures.

Everyone chooses real money slot machines at their discretion. Experienced slot players also select the game according to such parameters as:

  • RTP or recoil of the slot machine.
  • Volatility.
  • The number of paylines.
  • The presence of the free spins.
  • A risk game.
  • Bonus round.

And of course, the slot developer plays a key role in choosing a slot machine.

Play Slots in Right Way

Casino visitors were divided into two camps according to the style of the game. Some claim that you can only play slots for luck and no strategy will help here. Others are looking for guides for a 100% victory and claim that you can beat any slot, you just need to know how to do this. It turns out that the former is more likely to be right than the latter. But with a small correction. You can’t beat a machine. But you can learn to play effectively. To do this, there are whole strategies for betting, playing styles, and, in fact, the selection of slot machines. What do experienced players recommend:

  • Set limits on the amounts for the game.
  • Don’t try to immediately “recapture” the lost.
  • Don’t play slots that the player is not sure about.
  • Perceive the game as just fun, and not as a way of earning money.
  • Don’t play a high-stakes risk game.
  • Pick slots with RTP from 97%.

And of course, don’t be afraid to play and increase your experience. After all, you can always try the free mode or the demo version of the game at Betboys Casino. This will allow you to get to know your favorite games better and develop your betting strategy.

A free slot game with a pleasant experience

Some gamblers are skeptical about the demo version in slot machines. They say that the game just for fun won’t give you any special impressions, and in general, the real game is different from the demo. If this was so, the free-to-play option wouldn’t be popular at all. But we see the opposite situation. Demo mode is not only a way to play slots for free without creating an account.

5 Reasons to Play Slots for Free

So, why many slots at BetBoys Casino are available for free play. This is beneficial both for the casino, because it’s the first step in attracting customers, and for the players:

  • No need to risk money and register.
  • You can make any bets and spin the reels until you run out of virtual credits. And then start the game again.
  • There is no fear of making mistakes and experimenting with risk-taking.
  • The demo version sets you up well for playing with real money.
  • You can try at least 50 games in a day without spending a penny.

Of course, lovers of excitement are right about something: here you won’t be able to feel the same adrenaline from a real game, as you won’t be able to bring winnings to your hands — the money is virtual. But for familiarization and a win-win pastime, this is what you need.

Play safe online slots for real money

The biggest, and generally understandable player’s fear is to get caught on an unscrupulous slot machine. We can say surely that it’s safe to play slots for real money if you have chosen a proven casino. The reasons for concern will simply disappear if you take into account several factors:

  • The casino cannot set up slot machines in its favor, because the RNG and other parameters were set by the provider and they are not subject to hacking.
  • Betboys Casino is sensitive to its reputation, as well as to the customers’ comfort, which means that disappointed visitors and outraged reviews are unacceptable for us.
  • Everything that happens in the game depends on the mathematical case and the player’s ability to place bets.

And of course, the winnings are always paid to registered users during the day.

Betboys Casino — your guide to the world of slot machines

There are so many popular slot machines that without a good guide, you can simply get lost in this variety of gaming solutions. Therefore, the operator has tried to collect a select collection of slot machines that guarantee:

  • Fair play.
  • A pleasant pastime.
  • Visual pleasure.
  • Opportunities to win.

The platform is equally happy to welcome beginners and experienced gamblers. The best slots at Betboys casino promise not only exciting gambling leisure but also impressive winning opportunities. And for those who have just started to get acquainted with the gambling industry, comprehensive information has been prepared.

Frequently asked questions about slots

Slot games, although popular, are poorly understood, judging by the existing myths about slot games and frequent questions. After learning what most often bothers visitors, we decided to answer these questions, so that playing slots brings only pleasant impressions to our online casino.

What are slot machines?

Slot machines — are a type of gambling entertainment where the player places a bet, spins the reel, and waits for winning combinations. They differ in the number of reels and paylines, bonus parameters, and themes. Slots are more popular than, for example, poker, blackjack, or even roulette. Therefore, all online casinos collect hundreds of games from well-known brands in their collections.

What slots does Betboys Casino offer?

The gambling entertainment provider offers a rich collection of virtual slot machines. There are good old classics like Fruit Cocktail and Crazy Monkey, and new 3D slots, with animation, effects, and unusual parameters, like Lady Earth. Absolutely all slots at Betboys Casino are licensed, have good returns, and are well configured.

Classic slot and Video slot: what is the difference?

When talking about the classic slot, they mean the “one-armed bandit”, with mechanical reels, a lever, or a button to start the spins. Video Slot is a land-based slot machine, with animation, sound effects, and bonus chips. In turn, an online slot is a simulator of mechanical slot machines and video slots of different variations.

How do I choose a suitable slot?

So, when choosing slot machines for real money, you should pay attention to such factors as the percentage of return, volatility, general characteristics of the slot itself, and, of course, personal preferences. Gambling entertainment, including slots, is designed to deliver an experience. So whatever game you choose, the main thing is that you like it.

Is it worth playing slots for real money?

Risk, as you know, is a noble thing, but if you aren’t sure about the game or are not yet ready to risk your money, Betboys casino will always allow you to play for free in the demo version. In the demo, the entire game takes place with virtual money, so the visitor does not risk anything.

Those who want to conquer slot machines for real money also have nothing to fear. All games run on licensed software and guarantee a random game result. There will also be no problems with the payouts of winnings. Any player can receive their earned winnings during the day, but most often earlier. The main condition for this is to be registered and earn bonuses.

Slot machines are a good way to try your luck, have fun, and relax after a hard day. And it is not necessary to pay dearly for this holiday. You can have fun in an online casino for free, trying different games in a row.

Betboys Casino invites fans of gambling, where every visitor can appreciate the advantages of playing slots at this casino:

  • Huge selection.
  • High-quality software.
  • Quick payouts.
  • Easy site navigation.

As well as a friendly bonus system for a productive game and a competent support service that is always ready to help. It doesn’t matter how you play slots: for free or for money, choose slots from Microgaming or Igrosoft, the main thing is that slot machines give you pleasure and fun.

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